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  1. tiki torches

    October 22, 2009 by ewik


    Mobile Blogging from here.

  2. first painting

    August 13, 2009 by ewik

    image1171364798.jpgWhile I have been slowin paintings of my own I have a good excuse. This time last year I became a dad. These days most of my creativity is going into teaching my daughter and helping her develope into a creative individual.

    One of the cool activities we have done is her first painting class. Here she first used any kind of tools as well as started to experament with different ways to create images.

  3. The new

    October 3, 2008 by ewik

    I am currently working on / revisiting my ideas on It has always been just about the art and my journal has been a subset, but now that life is ever changing I thought I might just make the site more about me being a creative person in general. Now that I have a wife and a daughter how will my life change? Over the past couple of years I have not painted like I once did. I work a day job as a designer for a software company and get to the studio when I can. I really only get time to paint a limited number of paintings in a year. I also have some ideas for projects that are not directly related to the paintings I have done and thought it would be cool to post about that stuff as well as raising a daughter.